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The Story of Mistral

During winter and spring the Mistral wind sweeps down from the Alps across the storied landscape of Provence, leaving behind luminous, deep blue skies. Our collection of exquisitely scented bath, body and home products takes its name from this legendary wind whose fragrant course is shaped by the mountains, rivers and plants of the region.

The Mistral wind moves over the entire Rhone valley, creating seasonal changes and spectacular climatic swings. It has a profound effect on the terrain by rejuvenating the soil, creating lush planting conditions and giving birth to fields of herbs and flowers.

By evoking the powerful spirit of the Mistral wind, we invite you to experience the scents and colors of Provence as part of your daily bath and beauty moments.



Ingredients are the single most important component of our products. Ingredients are not chosen on their esthetic merit – only ingredients that are truly beneficial to the skin are selected. Minimal preservatives are used in our formulations, and no mineral oil is used (while inexpensive, it is potentially clogging to the skin). Our intent is to utilize only the gentlest and most efficacious ingredients and that is why a great number of natural ingredients are used. Products are always formulated with sensitive skin in mind.

We encourage you to read our product labels. The more you know about ingredients the better you will appreciate Mistral products. We refrain from hyperbole and make no false claims. On the contrary, we strive to uphold the standards of honesty, fairness, and integrity that have come to characterize Mistral and to gain the confidence of our friends around the world. We have gained our position based on our reputation and on recommendation and we prefer to reach you through the quality of our formulations.

Our products are based on essential oils and natural ingredients. No cosmetic product can be “all” natural, it would need a preservative system at the very least to discourage the growth of bacteria and to ensure a long shelf life. We take our ingredients from nature whenever we can. If it does not exist in nature or if the laboratory can do it better, then we will use a synthetic ingredient.


We are always ordering new products by Mistral so make sure to stop by the store for the latest selection.