Pairs inspired cookware, bake ware, glassware and Laguiole flatware and cutleryKitchen & Dining


We help you prepare and enjoy your French Feast!


We carry some wonderful items for both the kitchen and dining. Bake and Cookware, Dishes and other must-haves for the Paris kitchen. And don’t forget to browse our amazing selection of luxury cookbooks!


We carry a selection of dishware including plates, cups, bowls, and utensils along with rustic french breadboards in many sizes.

Along with our cooking and dining items, we also have a special selection of food items such as French Hot Chocolate (Chocolat Chaud) and also the indescribably delicious jars of jellies and preserves.

We have brie bakers, cheese papers, cheese knives and cutting boards. 



Bread Bags

One of our most recent additions to the store is the Uashmama brand of washable paper products. Their bread bags are a must-have for the serious French Feast!


These bags can be rolled in order to accommodate baguettes or croissants and with a warming stone can keep bread fresh through the entire meal.

Uashama makes an expanding line of products for the kitchen such as aprons but also have items for home and personal use. We carry a selection of their handbags, carry bags and computer covers.





Flatware and Cutlery by Laguiole

The finest name in French cutlery and flatware.

The flatware and cutlery made by Laguiole (La-gwee-oal) is world renown. Once you have prepared your French Feast it’s time to enjoy it.

We carry sets of Laguiole flatware and table cutlery and when your guests see these on the table they will know that the meal is going to be spectacular!  





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